Monday, 12 May 2014

Gothic Style - Pretty in Purple

Purple is an extremely popular gothic colour, especially when teamed with black. However, when we say purple it's a bit of a misnomer and the colour we're referring to is actually violet. True purple technically has more of a red hue whereas violet is more blue. But for now, we're sticking with calling it purple!

Did you know that historically, purple was a very expensive colour to produce and only royalty and the very rich could afford to wear it? The reason was that the dye was obtained from the slime of a particular species of sea snail and the process of collecting these small amounts of mucus was very labour-intensive and each snail yielded only a tiny amount of colorant. Thankfully, today most of our dyes are produced synthetically!

Black and purple worn together was for many years traditionally worn to funerals. However, times change and dress rules often no longer apply so you don't have to be in mourning to wear black and purple together in today's world.

At The Gothic Catwalk, we stock a very wide range of purple items from lush velvet skirts and gorgeous elegant dresses to bags, jewellery and accessories.

Below is just a very small sample from our range of purple goodies.

Click on the description below for a link to the item. From top left:

Deadly Rose Hologram Gothic Cameo Bag
Purple Tartan Gothic Punk Bodice Top
Purple Silky Gothic Underbust Corset Skirt
Black & Purple Velvet & Organza Tutu Dress
Dark Star Gothic Victorian Silky Long Purple Skirt
Long Flared Purple Gothic Bodice Top
Black & Purple Skull Bag
Romantic Black Velvet Gothic Bodice Top with Purple Roses
Pewter Winged Bat Earrings with Purple Crystals
Black & Purple Velvet Gothic Basque Top
Victorian Style Purple Crystal Pendant Brooch
Purple Lace & Black Roses Gothic Choker
Purple & Black Cyber Goth Clubbing Corset with Choker
Black Satin & Purple Velvet Gothic Dress
Long Purple Corset Jacket with Black Velvet Flock Design