Monday, 21 April 2014

Gothic Style - Gothic Jewellery

The huge range of gothic jewellery to be found today is truly astounding. Necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets and rings - all can be found in the gothic world. Typically, gothic symbols such as skulls, coffins, crucifixes, roses, bats, spiders and ravens are incorporated into designs and delicate-looking black beaded chokers are also very popular.

Alchemy Gothic are undoubtedly the leaders in alternative jewellery design. Having been around since 1977, they are renowned for their exquisite designs and high quality pieces. Lots of their past pieces have been retired to make way for new designs so these pieces frequently become rare collectors' must-have items. What we love about Alchemy's designs is the painstaking attention to detail and the finished results means that they resemble miniature works of art in their own right. Their items often have dark historic themes from a range of eras.

New kids on the block are talented Polish designers, Restyle. They create stunning pieces, also very highly detailed, often employing innovative techniques such as the use of holographic images and hinged book necklaces.

Jewellery is a vital accessory when putting together a gothic ensemble. When wearing a corset for example, a large expanse of the upper chest and neck area is exposed and this provides the ideal canvas for showcasing beautiful jewels. Gothic neckwear is often theatrical and a statement piece really can finish off an outfit to delicious gothic perfection.

Gothic earrings equally can add the finishing touch. Earrings can range from tiny subtle studs to large full-blown, dramatic chandelier styles. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your ears will be adorned suitably for any occasion.

The Gothic Catwalk stocks a wide range of jewellery from both Alchemy and Restyle, among others, so please take a look at the website for classic favourites as well as frequently added original new designs.

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