Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Gothic Style - Glorious in Green

Deep forest green is a relatively new gothic colour which works incredibly well with black. There's an earth goddess, woodland nymph quality about this rich colour which also lends itself to pagan, Wiccan and medieval styles. Green makes a refreshing change from the more trad red and purple accent colours found in gothic fashion so if you're looking to enliven your wardrobe with a new colour to go with black, go green!

Green is the most predominant colour on earth and in colour therapy, it's said to be a rejuvenating, calming, soothing colour which balances our energies. So there could even be a psychological benefit to wearing green!

Clockwise from top left:

Green chiffon skirt
Green ouija board necklace
Green silk choker
Green lace and silk dress
Long sleeved top
Green tie front cardigan
Absinthe fairy necklace
Long green silky skirt
Frankenstein earrings

We have lots more gothic green items so please take a look around The Gothic Catwalk website for more ideas.

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