Sunday, 10 January 2016

Gothic Style - The Scarlet Woman

There are very few people who don't look good in red. Of course, there are many different shades of red so it's important to choose the tone that suits your skin and hair colour. Needless to say, pale skinned, dark haired goths will look stunning wearing red and black together. Red is the colour of love, passion and warmth and can really lift a plain black outfit to great dramatic effect. Red and black seems to be a popular choice for the gothic bride, especially if it's a winter wedding. Here is just a small selection of our many red items at The Gothic Catwalk.

Red Roses Corset
Red Organza Skirt
Red Corset Gloves
Heart Ring
Rose Lace Choker
Striped Parasol
Skull Brooch

So if you're ready to be a scarlet woman, we hope this has inspired you!

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